Buffalo Urban Agricultural Series

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a showing of the 2016 documentary, Final Straw: food/earth/happiness. After the screening there will be a hugely diverse salad bar, predominately made up of fruits and vegetables and other foodstuffs and beverages produced here in Buffalo, NY.

The directors of the film, Patrick Lydon and Shuee Kang, will have a special message for our supporters before the film, so be certain to arrive early.

Come join us at the Sewing Souls Studio on Sunday May 29th from 1 to 4pm. Tickets are $25 are available through Brown Paper Tickets (a fair-trade ticket company) and all profits from the event will be used toward our goal of opening The Dharma Kitchen and Prana Pantry Center, which will:

* Operate an annual series of classes on cooking, baking, food preservation (canning + drying), gardening, seed saving
* Introduce Nutrition, Health, and Wellness coursework through field-work and at the classroom level opportunities in conjunction with Buffalo Public Schools, local charter schools, private religious schools, and homeschooling families
* Operate a pay-what-you-can restaurant, using regionally and in-house sourced foodstuffs
* Operate a pantry and garden, offering regionally sourced and in-house grown foodstuffs from regional farms and food producers, the centers aquaponic ponds and hoop garden/grow towers
* Work in conjunction with Erie County Social Services, WNY Food Bank, Grassroots Gardens, and all other similarly driven organizations