Glacier Gorgonzola Spinach Salad and Lou Bergier Pichin Mac’n Cheese

Homemade mac’n cheese, BBQ pulled pork, and a spinach salad with olives, pistachios, and Glacier gorgonzola. The “blue” in the Glacier is nearly black. You can find Glacier gorgonzola and many other blues in Lait Cru Brasserie/Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile‘s cheese case.

Boil 1 pound of small shaped pasta in just enough salty water to cover the pasta. Little shells, elbows, and campanelle all work well in this recipe.

In a moderately sized sauce pan over a low heat, warm 2 cups filtered water, 1 cup milk, 3 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon chopped parsley, dry or fresh, and 1 tablespoon of Krause Haus Spice Blend.

Shred and whisk in a blend of 1/4 pound Lou Bergier Pichin cheese, 1/4 pound of gruyere, and 4 tablespoons grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. If Pichin is unavailable in your area, use a white, Vermont, extra-sharp cheddar in it’s place; avoid using a cheap yellow cheddar at all costs. Better to splurge a bit on very good cheese, than make it with a waxy substitute.

Set aside 1/2 cup pasta water and then drain the pasta well. Whisk 2 teaspoons flour of any sort in the pasta water and then whisk into the sauce.

Pour the sauce over the pasta and stir well to coat the pasta evenly.

Delicious on its own, it’s even better with pulled pork layered over the top.