Final Straw fundraiser and why the Dharma Kitchen & Prana Pantry and Garden Center are worth supporting.

I’ve been asked many times, “Annie, what makes SOLE of Buffalo different from other groups in the area? What makes you so special?”

It’s, I’m sad to say, because the person who leads the charge, who makes SOLE happen, is in the same position as the folks SOLE of Buffalo endeavors to advocate for.

Hunger due to illness, injury, loss of a spouse or partner, or domestic violence dogged my own family. I’ve eaten food from local pantries, sat at soup kitchen tables with my young children, used food stamps to keep my children fed, and gone without meals for days to make certain my children had enough to feel satiated.

We’re doing better now and because of that I know how important it is to continue to be a voice for those who don’t know they have the right to speak up for themselves.

One of those rights, is the right to access fresh, locally grown and raised food stuffs. I believe SOLE’s Dharma Kitchen and Prana Pantry will one day be able to provide food that is seasonally, organically, locally, and ethically created to all in need of additional supports.

This premier is only a week away. It’s a way to help us get a location up and running. I am asking for your continued support, by word of mouth, participating in our events, and through your volunteer efforts, to help us leap from here and into the real world.

Thank you,
Annie Levay-Krause, CEO

Proceeds from the sale of this event’s exclusive sticker will go to support the directors as they showcase this incredible, inspiring documentary around the world.

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