Spugnole pasta with slivered marinated beef

2012-07-21 16.55.40

Spugnole pasta by Marella Pasta, is a curled pasta shaped with wavy ridges resembling a morel mushroom. Large, buttery and beautiful these pasta hold so much more sauce than the average noodle ever could.

The Marella family has been producing artisanal pasta in Italy’s Apulia region since 1920. They’re known for creating fanciful shapes, and all of their pasta is handmade using Old World techniques and the finest local ingredients. Made right in Apulia from locally grown durum wheat semolina flour, the dough is kneaded slowly then extruded through bronze dies, creating a slightly rough surface, which allows the pasta to absorb and hold sauces well. The pasta is dried at low temperature for 20 to 48 hours, further perfecting flavor and texture.

This was served with a slivered beef stew. The beef was marinated in a hazelnut sauce (Krause Haus Steak Sauce, brown sugar, chopped hazelnuts, apple cider vinegar, white wine, organic honey, garlic powder, salt, sunflower seed oil, and fresh parsley) for two days and then baked at 400* in a lidded deep cast iron pan with a mix of pureed tomatoes, chopped carrots, potatoes, onions, slivered garlic, and a  healthy splash of olive oil until very tender.