Lloyd’s Taco Factory

Lloyds Taco Truck put food trucks in the lime light here in Western New York in so many ways. Food trucks in some places here in the States are treated as a necessary part of the urban landscape while in other areas they are reviled as dirty, infested, and food poisoning on wheels. (Post by fellow blogger Scotty Harris.) Buffalo and it’s suburbs are still, after all these years, stuck in the experimental phase and as more trucks make an appearance, clashes between roving food vendors and brick and mortar establishments continue to spark. A diverse food system is a good thing, but it’s application so far has caused all sort of heart ache for both sides. Each truck has had to create a niche that cannot be filled in a single location; a unique signature that allows them to do something far more creative because they have to work in tight quarters, in a short amount of time and with a set ingredient pool.

“With the direction of Chef Chris Dorsaneo and the business sense of Peter Cimino, Lloyd has developed a menu and concept that delivers high-end food and service at street level prices.” This is exactly it. It is about offering a service that is so needed and doing it with flair and style. They were the first to do it, flipping an ‘in your face’ to the expected rules of food service.

2016-02-25 12.56.49
Bartenders Joe (left) and Jon (right) set me up at a corner of the bar and answered my millions of questions. They were excellent hosts!

I met Chef Teddy for the first time at an IN event in the Fall of 2012.  My eldest child and I saw him compete in and win at a Nickel City Chef event later that winter. I just loved having him make my youngest grin when he made her a pile of mini tacos not long after her accident that next summer. So when I saw he would be handling the front of the house at the Taco Factory, I just knew we had to visit. Unfortunately, so did everyone else! It took almost a couple months, but now that the zaniness of opening the first factory has quieted down a bit, I decided to check it out. I was smitten then, I still am.

I picked one example of an appetizer, a special, a new Factory only taco, a dessert, and a cocktail to showcase for you. One taste and I was wowed by the scent and texture, flavor and presentation. The sharp lime and habanero, cilantro and spicy cheese, explosive bursts of Rocket Sauce and sweet mango, crispy chicken, and more, all vying for attention.

Thank you to all of Lloyd’s employees for your commitment to producing such excellent nosh!

2016-02-25 12.55.58
Chef Teddy and Anthony (in right shot with Teddy) in action. 

Chorizo Mackin’ Cheese is a hot little dish made with mini pasta shells, Lloyd’s queso, crumbled chorizo sausage, and a crisp spicy topping.

2016-02-25 12.19.53

Squid Rock Tostados are crispy fried calamari rings and black galaxy spiraled deep fried squid legs drizzled with a habanero aioli and served over house-made fried tortillas, with mango salsa and cilantro generously piled on top.

2016-02-25 12.16.33

A Dirty South Taco is a jumbled pile of hot, crisp buttermilk fried chicken over baby kale and dressed with a generous splash of bacon aioli, maple syrup, and a large wedge of pizzelle-like waffle.

2016-02-25 12.18.43

The Hand Grenades are  beautifully glazed fruit filled  pastries.

2016-02-25 12.13.16

For those in the know, Roald Dahl was a cheeky fellow for tucking Snozzeberry into a children’s story. Snozzberry Mules at the Factory though are only slightly less harmless;  a  delightful blend of Wodka vodka or Black Squirrel Distillery Spirits, House-blended Blueberry Shrub (a simple syrup made with sugar, blueberries, and apple cider vinegar), a juiced lemon, and ginger beer.

2016-02-25 12.20.36

The whole feast was wrapped up with a splash of 12 year Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum.

2016-02-25 12.57.40