Spatchcocked Turkey with Ginger Maple Scallion Glaze

Marigold Knob Farm’s Kosher turkey’s are held to higher standards than USDA meat and poultry inspection standards. This farm is sustainable, vegetarian, humane, and only 250 miles from Buffalo. The slaughter is a quick process using cold water and salt to remove excess blood and water and produces a roaster that is perfect in every way.

Pat dry thoroughly, removing all moisture. Using cutlery shears, cut away the neck and backbone. If you are intimidated by this ask your butcher to cut this away for you. 
Trim away any loose or sagging skin and large parts of fat. A well trimmed bird not swimming in fat tastes so much better!
Flip the bird over and crack the breast bone. Use a step stool so you are directly over the bird and use your full body weight to snap the bone flat.
Straighten the bird out as flat as it will go, adjusting the thighs and wings.
Make small cuts in the joints now so when you carve later you won’t have to fight with a hot bird.
In a saucepan heat brown sugar, maple syrup, rice vinegar, melted butter, minced ginger, scallions, salt and white pepper. Whisk until smooth. Allow to cool to room temperature. Tuck the bird into a double layered bag and set into a large bowl. Pour the cooled glaze all over the bird, turning it over several times to coat. Close up the bag tightly and tuck away in the fridge over night.
Three hours before serving dinner lay the turkey out in a cookie sheet and set the oven to 425*. When the oven is set, put the bird in, cover with foil, and then turn down to 325*. Do not open the oven until the last 30 minutes, to remove the foil. This 15 pound bird only took two hours to cook. Take two temp checks, the first in the thighs which should read 180* and the second in the breast which should 165 to 170*. Juicy delicious and delicately flavored! Enjoy!